Shopify Integration

Shopify is – besides our Amazon Integration – the foundation of our tool. More than 1.7 Million businesses are using Shopify globally, while it is to be expected that more than 500 Million buyers will have visited a Shopify store to purchase a product. You want more statistics? You can find all of them in this article.

The importance of Shopify is undisputed – and the combination of Shopify and Amazon makes up the biggest part of the eCommerce sellers worldwide. Here’s where are set our focus, while developing other integrations step by step.



Connecting your Shopify store to SUPPLOX is very easy. You simply get the XX and YY from your Shopify account (no Plus account is required) and paste this information into the integration while the Onboarding process.


Onboarding and Updates

While you run through our integrated onboarding process which will guide you through the whole tool you will be asked to connect your Shopify account with SUPPLOX. That’s it. After that, SUPPLOX will retrieve one year of sales history from your Shopify store which is neccessary to create the Forecasting you are looking for.

Once all your data has been stored safely in our system, we’ll update daily at your nighttime (depending on your time zone in order to avoid any conflicts). This way we can increase the database we need to even increase your benefits and improve our features more and more. 



Your data is very important. Protection is key, that is why you will be facing a 2FA (Two-Factor-Authentification) process along with it. The database where you very own data is stored is encrypted as well – because it’s your data!


Any questions about our Shopify Integration? Book a call or text us by mail.

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