Product Catalog

SUPPLOX is not only about forecasting. SUPPLOX is about creating a data base of simply everything you need to make your life easier. Once you started your Onboarding you will almost be forced to update product information; paired with the information can we retrieve from sources like Amazon or Shopify you will creat your very own Product Catalog which you may only find in ERP systems as of now.


Your Product Catalog

So, what’s inside? Everything. All your product information, identification numbers, prices (including a history you will create automatically), texts and a inventory log for example. But there is so much more, and yet to come. To make it easier, we grouped several information within a tab system to easily access exactly the information you’re looking for. 

And that’s not it: All the information can be used in the customizable Reporting tool to export whatever you need to see and share with others.

Now let’s take a look at the Product Catalog in detail:

Product Pictures

We can retrieve all the product pictures from Amazon and/or Shopify. This will help you to understand quickly which product you are working with. 

Product Titles

We’ll display everything. Amazon product title? Check. Shopify product title? Check. Your internal product title? Check. Why? Because usually those listing titles are SEO optimized and hard to deal with in your daily business. 

Product Filters

Whenever you use SUPPLOX you are able to filter for anything you have specified before. Product tags, brands, categories, sub-categories or whatever else you have to identify a specific range a products. Within our onboarding template you can define all these things (also later on) and prepare for your perfect setup.

Product Information

Almost every eCommerce seller not using an ERP is facing the problem that data is everywhere; but never all in one place. All your product information is here: your launch date, your materials and everything else relevant to identify the product. All you need for finding either a new supplier, calculation freight costs or negotiating with your 3PL.

Product Retail Price

Sales prices? Absolutely. But not just like that; SUPPLOX automatically creates a history of your retail prices over time which you can review whenever needed. The retail price will be shown for all your marketplaces, calculated with the daily currency exchange rate into your actual currency.

Product Purchase Price

A must have for any system that helps you to create orders. When changing the price in an existing PO (or simply using a new price before creating a PO), our system directly logs the new price with a date stamp. This way you are able to review the price change over time.

HS Code

The more information SUPPLOX has, the more detailed it can be. Enter your HS code and duty rate. If you have a verified HS code (in Germany: vZTA), you can upload the corresponding document here as well.

Product Packaging

You need to know it, anytime. What’s the size of your product? The size of the packaging? The weight? Add anything here and use it later on in our customizable Reporting tool to gain all the information you need at some point.

Document Upload

You have non-order specific documents for your products? Upload them like you’re using a Cloud and keep all your documents together. Price agreements with your factory, TechPacks or even your product certificates – anything is possible. You can even add an expiration date to make sure that you’ll get reminded on time to renew your certificates or document. Life can be that easy.

Product Mapping

A crucial part for your inventory management. You might change the SKU or any other variables, but with our product mapping you will make sure that everything is still well connected. Perfectly prepared for future marketplace integrations.


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