Onboarding to a new software can be a nerve-wrecking adventure. Where to start? Where to get the data? Often this is the moment where users decide if they will stay or leave, no matter what’s happening afterwards. Why? The first impression. 


Step by Step Guidance

We need your information and data, there is no way around it. But life can be so much easier if someone takes you by the hand and walks you through, whilst assisting with you with templates and documentation all the time. And this is what we’re doing. Our 12-Steps Onboarding Process will guide you, ask for what is needed and keeps in mind, that time is limited. Essentials only. 

  1. Company Information
  2. Amazon Integration
  3. Shopify Integration
  4. Product Catalog
  5. d
  6. d
  7. d
  8. d
  9. d
  10. d
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Onboarding Service

A “free” one-hour call to get you started? Might not be enough. A service fee so we will help you? Unfair. While you want to get your inventory straight, we want to make you happy – and this starts with a service that doesn’t stop when it’s really needed.

You can go through the Onboarding process by yourself, or simply schedule a call with our Onboarding officers. They will help you prepare your data, tell you why so many things are way more important than they seem and make sure that you will be able to use SUPPLOX as it’s best.

There’s no hook. We simply care. We’ll prove it.


Book your Onboarding Call

Looking for help? Started and struggling? Need support in creating your product database or importing your existing orders? Let’s get is solved together and book a call right now.


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