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There are so many uses-cases on why you need an Inventory Management system that it is hard to focus on the “important” stuff – because everything and everyone is important. If you wish a deep dive, book a demo call right now.

00. We Do The Basics

An easy-to-use onboarding progress that not only collects all the information that is needed, but also “forces” you to clean up your data. Any forecast can only be as accurate as the data that has been set. We got you!

Knowing what to do next is often more complex than it actually sounds. By bringing all the relevant information into your notification dashboard, you will exactly know what you have to do today, tomorrow, this week etc. – and can simply share tasks with other team members.

Each companies needs are different. Some want to react based on past sales, while others (e.g. fashion brands) have / want to order future periods way in advance. Both needs are covered, and both are fully customizable.

Simply tracking an order is basic. Inviting your supplier is next level, as you can automate reminders, approve samples for shipping or file a complaint. Manage and track all of these things in one place.

Manage your FBA send-outs based on our very own forecasting mechanism and pre-fill the uploadable flatfile automatically. We’re working on a full integration, so you can create shipping lables directly, too.

No need to use your third party tools anymore. As we collect all the data, you can customize and analyze any report you and your analysts are waiting for. Set them as default and get them send right into your inbox.

Searching for the relevant info in your tool is often a hassle. We take that away from you and provide you with the most relevant insides. And if you feel different, adjust according to your needs.

Not any forecast is complete without the input of your sales & marketing. Seperate access ensures the data quality, while they can add any future marketing campaign and directly see if this causes any out-of-stock-situation. Plan ahead.

Take your accounting team into consideration. Either if they want to know when to pay which order or what’s the future stock level – you get to know everything. If the data is available, we can make it happen.

From Spreadsheets Experts to Online Software

For years we have been using Google Spreadsheets to manage the inventory of our clients. Successfully. But it has its limits, especially for companies like SNOCKS where you have to manage more than 1,000 SKUs at once.

Eventhough we created crazy formulas, automated the forecast, were able to create orders in PDF automatically – fancy stuff, but not sustainable in the long run.

We wanted to grow. We wanted our clients to grow. And here is SUPPLOX. Bringing in our knowledge from amazing Amazon and Shopify sellers and using all of this experience to build something great. With you – as we will never stop developing more and more features.

From Spreadsheets to SUPPLOX

Our Future Customers Will Love Us

We’re good at forecasting. So we know that our future customers will leave reviews, that we will just be happy about to share with you. But as of now, we do not have reviews yet. 

Development Schedule

Take a look at what features we plan to develop and implement next.


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Advantages Of An Inventory Management Software

While tracking your stock levels you’ll often find yourself in the situation that it’s simply overwhelming. Was this sales peak due to an event? Or was it “normal”? Do I have to adjust my forecast? Will I run out of stock in the near future? Sure, you can use a bunch of Google Sheets Formulas like we did before; and you’ll succeed, at the beginning. But once you start to grow, you’ll outgrow your spreadsheets and have to look for another option. And the bigger you get, the more difficult it can be come to move all your data into a new tool.

Do Not Underestimate The Value Of Your Supply Chain

I can’t say this often and loud enough. Sales & Marketing receives recognition, while these departments couldn’t even sell a single piece without your Supply Chain. Running out-of-stock will cost you revenue; and running out-of-stock because of a non-information between your departments is the worst. A tool that combines the needs of your Supply Chain whilst bringing on-board your Sales and Marketing is what you need to make sure, that you won’t run out-of-stock. No matter how pricy a tool; out-of-stock is more expensive.

Who Or What Is SUPPLOX?

SUPPLOX has been founded a few years ago by Marco, supporting several eCommerce clients (especially in Europe) with their Supply Chain. Based on this long-lasting experience the calculation and the mathematics were clear; and Google Spreadsheets the only solution until SNOCKS came into play. Together they decided to create a tool that is fitting all the needs of a company like SNOCKS, as this will most likely cover the needs of the other 95% eCommerce companies. And here we are.